I tried my hand at animation…


This was just a very short video I created at University in a tongue and cheek poke at the Cotton Trade in certain countries.



My Ulysses Presentation

Its a .PDF, for added detail… just click the blue writing above!

This is a short book I designed using a short piece of the book Ulysses, by James Joyce. This particular book includes no punctuation. I chose to accentuate this by removing the spaces from the passage aswell. I kept the book legible by using colour to allow the reader to easily decipher the words. I then played on the anxiety and upset I feel the passage contains by using dull, unexciting colours. From then on I used a 9 block grid to divide the passage up, this was to keep the reader from becoming exhausted and also to add a extra element of difficulty to the following the book, to emphasise the problems the person in the book is experiencing with her love life.

I’m Lenny

I joined WordPress to enable me to display my work (informally as well as professionally)…  To get my name out there and to try and get some feedback on my design work. I think feedback is great within design and love to get involved in a good discussion to evolve my opinions and broaden my thought process within design.

Im a ideas based designer and love a GREAT idea, a GROUNDBREAKING idea and get really pumped with my desire to do something clever with design that makes people smile and think…

Graduated from Coventry University, currently work at Archant Publishers.